Choice block not capturing slots (works fine for first time)

It works fine for the first several times, but always goes wrong after that. (Nothing has been changed)

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Hey Helen! This is because you don’t have any utterances other than a single slot. In the Voiceflow prototyping tool you cannot have multiple intents capturing just a single slot without any additional utterances within the intents. It’s a restriction of our current lack of NLP/NLU within the testing tool :slight_smile: This will be changed soon though!

In the meantime, I would advise adding some utterances that have more than just a slot so that you can test. However if you test on-device (ie alexa or google assistant), this should work!

Let me know if you’re still facing issues! @Helen

Hey @Braden I’m having a similar issue, but putting multiple utterances didn’t work. In fact, the only one that is working is the one that is still only one utterace. Mine worked completely fine yesterday with no issues, but now it isn’t working properly. Really sorry for the spam of pictures below

It should take in both the number of people (custom slot), the date in Year Month Day format (Date slot) and then the time (custom slot). Like I said it was working fine yesterday, and its part of coursework that I think is tested on the prototyping tool, so I need to try and make it work for this rather than Alexa for example. Thanks for any help

thanks for the awesome information.