Choice step is missing

Maybe it is me, But the Choice step is not available from the user inputs steps. I am a new user, so maybe there is something obvious going on.
I only see Buttons, Prompts, Intent steps available.
If I open a demo, I can see Choice steps used, but still not shown in the Sidebar.

Hi there, are you able to show a screenshot of your screen? It may be under a drop down menu.

I also installed the desktop version, I have the same sidebar choices there.

The choice block is dedicated for projects where you will be using voice functions, and specifically where you are expecting user inputs via voice. You will see that you have that block available in Google, Alexa, General Voice Assistant and Dialogflow Voice projects. It will therefore be missing in Chat Assistants & Dialogflow Chat projects.

From your screenshot, you actually may be using one of the two above non-voice related project where that user input isn’t expected for a chat assistant type of project.

I appreciate the feedback, and that makes sense. I figured it was something obvious. I know how I would diagram things, but was getting stumped by the tool choices. I really like the tool so far. Obviously still getting familiar with it.

Happy building! Be sure to reach out if you need anything & share your first project with our FB Community or socials :slight_smile: We have an amazing community.