how to add this API?

Hello, voiceflow members, I’m new here…

I want to make it possible to work with schools and voiceflow.
I’m teacher to children in Belgium in Dutch. Is dutch possible to use?
Can somebody help me to integrate the API of
I want to test it also with the use of Webflow.
Commonstandards use Algolia.js but I don’t know how to integrate this with voiceflow either.

I found a tuturial

Thanks a lot.the help me with my first project.


Alexa does not support Dutch, Google supports Dutch now. So, currently, google is only one option if you want to use Dutch.

For using Voiceflow, 2 things to know:

  • Voiceflow’s Google support is still progressing. Comparing to Alexa support, currentry it’s limited. (There are some features which supports Alexa, but not Google)

  • Regardless of using for Alexa or Google, you have to connect Voiceflow’s account with Alexa/Google’s account. For Alexa, it is very easy with a few clicks, but for Google, you need some steps more than Alexa. But there’s a document for it.

I just took a quick look into that apis. some of them seems it’s not difficult to integrate. but if you are new to voiceflow and also json api, see this one first.

I think you can’t use algoria.js in voiceflow because voiceflow can’t import external js file.