Connecting to Amazon Developer Account

Hello - Need help connecting Voiceflow to Amazon Developer Account. The one video I found is outdated and does not match my configuration. Can you point me to an up to date resource for connecting to Amazon account for the first time. Same instructions for Google.


Where are you running into issues? Once you create your Amazon Developer Account, you can upload your project for the first time to Alexa from Voiceflow, and it will prompt you to connect your account.

Hello and Thank you for replying to my question.
I used the information from the following link to connect VF to Amazon account. Received success message. When I test, I receive an error message.

Voiceflow Alexa button has a checkmark - indicating to me it is connected. When I test, I receive error message.

This video is outdated. Which video or current resource do you recommend?

I have a similar problem - my skill works great in VF, however, when I upload to Alexa, it reports Success - my skill IS in the Console, but when I try to test it it’s just Hello World. The Invocation name is correct but none of my Intents are operational or visible. There’s no errors, but since it basically looks like it’s just Hello World with my Invocation name, I suppose that’s expected.