Control home device as switch with voiceflow

Hi everyone!
Is there a way to control a switch/device using voiceflow instead of classic “Alexa, turn on switch”?


Hey Coat,
Yes, there is a way to control home switches or appliances using Voiceflow. You just have to use a third-party application as a host such as the Blynk app etc, to control your microcontrollers and relays that are connected to your switches or devices, then get two APIs from the app one for turning ON and the other for turning OFF the relay and then paste the API in the API block in voiceflow.
You Are Done!

Hi Tony,

I was trying to do exactly that. But I’m having troubles getting voiceflow to call the blynk API.
On postman I can call it perfectly and change the status of anything setup on Blynk.
But on voiceflow, I always get a bad toke error.
How have you overcome that?
Thank you,