Creating a list of a room feature in a house

I am in the process of trying to create a skill where the guest of the house can ask the question: how to turn on fireplace, where is the garbage can, where’s the bathroom…how to turn on shower… will be better to put something into airtable or google sheets or give a short answer with a picture?

Hi there,

It looks like you could benefit from using the display block (APL) if it’s a visual-heavy skill. You could use either Airtable or Google Sheets for the descriptions, it’s really up to you!

I agree with @annie that either voice only or voice+images can work well. For images, recommend trying to design them to augment the voice responses. In other words, the voice responses can stand on their own, as many people don’t have multimodal devices yet. Good luck!

Soon… picture devices

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! I am trying to work on a project that has a display ( home) with a few items… .and thought it would be great to have voiceflow move to the next display box with options 1,2,3, 4, 5, and provide audio and also visual solutions… but Ive missed a step… in my project and get only the audio… will try again tomorrow!

Thanks for all of the help. I was able to get the display block to work ! I discovered by accident… that when I open a display block and create a template from amazon… save it and return to the voiceflow desktop … I need to select the new display … and then toggle to another display and return to the just recreated template … and it works ( guess it resets something?) Dunno.