Deploy to ADC Fails ; Works in VF

Have a skill in development that was working till a few hours ago. Now, it still works in VF-Prototype, uploads to Alexa, build is successful but on invocation in ADC-Test it will not even begin the skill flow - screenshot attached. My non VF skills in ADC are working, so it has to be the upload and model-build? Not sure how I can get details / debug this. New to VF ;

Any help is greatly appreciated !

check if skill builder checklist on ADC’s build tab is all green.

Kun, yes. All clean my friend. Attaching a screenshot !

build-screenshot|690x397 !


It does not even invoke. Runs fine in VF-Prototype. So guessing it is in the magic sauce of VF converting the VF-Design to ASK build ?

PS : I’m new to VF but have 5-6 skills I run on my Alexa local for my family. Love VF for the ease of use but am a little disappointed that I am dead in the water for a day and do not know where to go for help …