Desktop app vs web

What are the advantages of installing the desktop app, which is presumably just a web view?

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Johnny -

The Desktop App uses less memory because we isolate the webapp from all other internal & external browser processes as well as, all the extensions users might have added to their browser.

In fact, many users have reported a much increased speed due to Chrome or other similar browsers not running multiple background processes that don’t clog up Voiceflow’s speed.

Voiceflow Creator (Web app)

  • Best running on Chrome (Win | Mac)

Voiceflow Creator (Desktop App)

  • Best version (Mac)
    Running on Windows and Linux

Any computer less than 5 years old should do the trick.
On Windows, they might want to watch for memory (RAM). 16GB should be fine.

  • The more blocks they have to load at the same time, the more it will use memory.
  • A good GPU (Graphics card) can also help here as some parts of the creator are optimized for it.

Aside from speed and technicals, the desktop app is great for focus and workflow especially for Voiceflow power users!

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Thank you very much. Apart from the factual response, I value the forums where queries are answered since it instills confidence in the product. I tried various CxD apps and found that voiceflow is the best: simple to use and packed with useful features.

Thanks for the kind words, Johnny! We really value our community and builders at Voiceflow :slight_smile:

Super excited and invested into seeing what you decide to build on Voiceflow! Keep us in the loop and you know what to do if you run into any questions!

Enjoy your Sunday! Happy creating.

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