Device Identification

I am gathering smart home information from a voice flow and then sending it on to an end point for action using the API call. This is all working now, but I am curious if there is any way to identify which echo I am interacting with as that would shorten the interaction by eliminating the need to ask which room. As I know which room each dot is in, I could save asking about the room for when interacting through a mobile device.

you can use device id. see here.

I have found that while searching but for some reason the code was just giving me a device ID of zero regardless of which device are used. I guess I will give it another shot and read the example more closely.

you tested on VF prototype? device id works only on ADC or real Echo devices.

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Actual ago but maybe I didn’t so I will try that again tomorrow maybe that was my problem. Most of my first day with this was spent figuring out firewall and port forwarding rules to use the API type block as a result I’m not sure which things I tested in which environment at this point.

I was wrong. device id works on real Echo devices, not works on ADC. sorry.

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Well, I am not sure what I did wrong the first time, but with your prompting, I tried again and tested the skill. It worked flawlessly on an echo dot and on a fire tablet. Thanks for confirming it should work as it drove me to try again.