Dial the phone number and start the google maps route

i am new here in voiceflow. And i am not really a developer…
and i am trying some simple steps for Google Actions/Alexa. Maybe it dont make sense to dveleop it…
User: asking for Phone number of the store
A: The phone number is xxxx, do you wann call the store
User: Yes
A: the shop is called…the number is dialed

User: How is the adress of the shop
A: adress is xxxxxx, should i start for you the route to the shop
User: Yes
Google Maps or Apple Maps is opening with the planned route to the shop

How can i do that? Or it don´t make sense?


  1. Twilio is one of the solution for calling but might be complicated because Echo itself cannot use for Phone, currently.

  2. For open some other apps in your phone from Alexa, Alexa for Apps is required. Alexa for Apps is quite new feature and still in closed beta by Amazon. Or, you may use google map api with route and show its result on Echo Show. in that case, you may need to APL or Alexa Web API.

Just my opnion, both are not easy…

Thanks for your respond:)
hmm thats really bad…
What about a deeplink…is that possible to open a external link like a website etc. on a smartphone?
Or to show the phone number on display as link <a href="tel:+55555">55555</a>
Would something like this work?

Actually, Alexa apps can send a card but any links on the card are disabled…

One thing I forgot, APL 1.3 has OpenUrl perperty, which might be enable to open a browser on devices (although I’ve never tried.)

APL works on Echo compatible devices with a display such as Echo Show, maybe Fire Tablet/TV too, but not for Alexa app.

Also, there’s a demo for OpenUrl.

Thanks a lot for your support! Will try what is possible.