Display Block Changes

What happened to the Display Blocks? It used to be so intuitive, now we only get a place to import JSON. Where do we put the data JSON with our variables and such?

Definitely the earlier JSON window was much better / easier. It had a window for APL edits and a window for Datasource edits. .

With the new Display, the entire JSON shows up only as a link in Voiceflow Display block. There is no option to open the JSON for edits. Therefore all edits need to be done in the Alexa Authoring Tool.

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Right, so I have the APL json. In order to feed it data I have to use a variable?

My use case is - a Geography Quiz.
So I am using display (APL and Datasource).

  • Display and styling - I use “APL json”.
  • Data / variables - I put them in another json “datasource json”
  • I combine the APL json and DS mjson to create a single json file, which I paste in Voiceflow Display block

See the illustration here.

  1. First image is Voice Flow display preview. You can see the styling and the variables
  2. Second Image is the run from Alexa Simulator, where it combines display, data and speak output



Ahhhhhh ok. I figured it was a combined JSON but I was hoping to avoid that lol. I really appreciate the break down.