Display block problem?

This weekend, there seems to be a problem with Display Block.

If I add a simple APL document with google integration, the skill hangs with no display.

Not sure the problem is with Display Block alone or Google+Display block combination.

I checked using Alexa Hosted environment and the APL doc displays correctly. Only with VF, there seems to be a problem.

Just checking if this is a weekend outage of the Display block.

UPDATE: I figured out there is no issue with VF.

  • The wiki API from where data is being pulled gives the following text: George Washington is called the “Father of the Nation”.

  • The double quotes was breaking the APL document. The double quotes needs to be escaped:
    George Washington is called the …backslash…“Father of the Nation…backslash…”.,

If implemented using code block

wikiText = wikiText.toString().replace(/\\"/g, '"').replace(/"/g, '\\"');

A lot of wiki extracts have double quotes.