[DONE] Feature request: distinguish value and synonyms for custom slot type

If I use custom slot type in Interaction block, I want set a main value and its synonyms separatly.

Then, I can easily setup If block by using only main value as condition! :smile:


Yes, I agree, need support slot value synonyms.

Hi guys, this is live, you can add synonyms with adding a coma in the field


Hi @Nicolas. This is awesome, and a fundamentally important enhancement. I have been waiting for this too. Can you also post a note about this in the Facebook forum, along with your example, to make it more visible in the community? Thanks.

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Awesome!!! This really helps us to use choices in IF block!



Yes @Mark, I will post a video on this Monday morning!

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It’s great to be able to use the main value as condition in the IF block, but the IF block does not recognize the synonyms in custom slot value, it only recognized the main value.

Is there a solution to be able to recognize the synonyms used in the main slot value?

I would probably just make the synonym its own main slot value. For example, let’s suppose that Blue is your main value and Turquoise is a synonym for Blue. But, if Turquoise is its own distinct choice, I’d make it a separate main slot value separate from Blue. This way, if the user says “Turquoise” then it can be used in an IF statement.

Yes that would work great for smaller project/with less options, but when dealing with a lot of synonyms this would create tons of IF statements

For this reason I moved from using IF block to Integration block using google sheet to map out the matched slot value (but now I’m running into a separate problem of identifying the main slot value vs the synonym)

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