Double intent - cheese pizza and hot wings

Is there a way to have skill recognize two intents with a response to both?

example: for a food ordering skill
A, intent for cheese pizza
B, intent for hot wings

User: “I’d like to order a cheese pizza and six hot wings”
Skill: “your order is a cheese pizza and six hot wings, is this correct?”

how about create one single intent and 2 slots. sample utterance will be like this:

“I’d like to order {num_pizza_slot} {pizza_slot} and {num_hotwing_slot} {hotwing_slot}”

each number slot should be AMAZON.Number, so before asking user, you should give some examples like "If you want to order, please say like ‘I would like to order one cheeze pizza and six hot wings’. what would you like to order?’

have not tried yet, but I think it should works.

That does sound like a good trick!

Would there be a way to trigger any slot? e.g. if you have say 100 food items, could you have it to where it triggers any of your slots in the intent?

I guess this would be similar to how “entities” work in Dialogflow

you mean like this?

“I’d like to order {num_slot_1} {food_slot_1} and {num_slot_2} {food_slot_2}”

name of slots will be name of value so you will have to use different names.
AMAZON.Number for number slots, AMAZON.Food for food slots.

Right yes more like that. I started messing with the slots and “slot synonyms” as well

Although I couldn’t get the “slot is required” and “slot prompt” to work (for use with “what size pizza” “what flavor” etc)

Also, wouldn’t you just need 1 food slot?

required slot us for dialog model. see this video.

thanks for the video! I did get the “slot required” and “slot prompts” to work just fine. And I get now how you used {slot_1} and {slot_2} for the purpose of catching several intents. Being able to leverage a pre set Amazon slot type is very helpful. The challenge is when using custom slots (non amazon slots) e.g. you’d need to make an exact copy of your custom slot to be able to capture double intent for the same slot type

It would be helpful if VF adds a way to copy and paste slots as well as intents