Dynamic Set Equation not working

Hello fellow voiceflowers!

I’m having trouble with a Set step:

I’m building a learning app where users have to say the right words (similar to learning vocabulary). When they give the wrong answer 3x in a row, I wanna give them the option to hear the solution.

Here’s how I tried it:

Question --> User answers --> Set variable {try} = {try} + 1 --> IF {try} > 2 --> option for solution; else: back to “User answers”.

Now, in my understanding, every time the user answers, the variably {try} would increase by one. As soon as it hits 4, the user could ask for the solution.

However, in Debug, I see that EVERYTIME the process hits the Set step, it tells me this:

tetting {try}
evaluating (0 + 1) to 1

And then, in the condition, it never reaches the solution option, because it always only sees

evaluating path 1: (0 > 2) to false.

They describe setting the equation up this way in the documentation as well, and it makes sense to me that the way I set it up should work. Why is it not working?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:
Wishing you all a great start into the weekend!


Ok, so in case somebody runs into the same issue: I have just created another variable “attempt” and exchanged all the “try” with “attempt”. Then it suddenly started working. I didn’t change anything with the equation. Problem solved (although I don’t quite know how, possibly a platform bug).