Edit the detail card?

I got the following response from Amazon when submitting for certification. Where can I change the example phrases in Voiceflow? Instead of “tell Sleep Meditation to Cancel” on the detail card, they want “tell Sleep Meditation to Cancel Subscription”

Skill detail page information is inside of build tab. Basically, example phrases in skill detail page must works, Amazon checks this very sttrictly. Also example phrases for purchase are inside of product, but I don’t know where these phrases are used and have never seen.

I guess it’s kind of automatic message by Amazon because you use ISP subscription. it might not be for your case because I don’t know that kind of example phrases are inserted automatically by voiceflow, especially for cancel.

you should ask Amazon where you can see detail card.

Where inside of the build tab? I don’t see where to find the detail page information…

click on build tab -> scroll down, then you will see skill description and skill invocation.

This infomation will be shown on your skill page of Alexa Skill Store and Alexa app.

But I don’t have the phrase “tell Sleep Meditation to cancel.” I’m not sure where they are getting this from.

I’m not sure, too. so I said you should ask Amazon.

I think Amazon’s certification seems become a little automatic and formulaic now. This sometimes make us confused…