Else case of choise block doesn't work after upload to Alexa

Italian language, I have three choise blocks, they works fine in the simulator, but uploading into Alexa, the “else” case of the blocks, doesn’t work correctly.


regardless of any languages, choice block’s else doesn’t work. There are no workarounds now because you use old Choice block and it is now out-dated and not suitable for Alexa’s way. (a year ago, it was ok, but not now.)

depends on your use-case, but

  • If you go simple, use capture block to user’s answer and divide your flow with If block. This is much simpler than below, but very too simple for real conversation.
  • If you go with Amazon’s way, use new Choice block and create interaction model with intents/utterances/slots. In this way, you have to learn more, but you will create really conversational one.

Thanks for the fast answer, but why there is not in my voiceflow creator the new block?

I guess your project using choice block was made before updates and those remains like backward compatible. Also, you can still use old choice block from spacebar hotkey, but choice block in main menu is a new choice block and completely different(it’s more like interaction block)

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I don’t understand. I have created the project yesterday! I’m using the web voiceflow creator and there is only the old choise block.

put choice block to canvas and see its color.
blue is new one, gray is old.

It’s gray, where can I find the new block?
In the canvas I have only the old one.

drag and drop choice block from the left menu “now” and still gray?

If so, logout and login.

There is not the menù “now”, also after login.

click on basic and will see choice.

Yes I’d do it, but there is only the old gray choise block!
There is not an option to select the new one.

ok. that seems odd. this is my screen.

you see my choice block is blue and choice block menu is different from before.
you shoud ask them by intercom, I think.

This afternoon something happened, now the choise blocks selected are new and blue. I don’t know the reason, maybe an italian site update.
Thanks anyway for your availability.


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Hi @Tiger and @kun432
I might be having the same issue. In Alexa Developer Console the choice is always referring to “mistake” even if i type the correct answer. However there are no problems in voiceflow.

After that I redraw the project with the new blue choise blocks and I edited into intent all right answers, when I run the project in Alexa developer, if I type a right answer the response is “ok”, but if I type a wrong answer, the response is “ok” again, i.e. the else case doesn’t work, it do not recognise words that are not

into intent list.

Ok it’s just a bug that needs to be fixed and we await the patch/ update?

Sound strange. Can you attach some screenshots for this case?

Here a simple example (It’s a stupid game, you have to guess “even” or “odd”. The game work if you answer only “even” or “odd”, but if you answer anything else, sometime you lose, sometimes you win!! (the else case should be always you lose).

The else option is not working on Amazon Developer console, but it is working when tested on Voiceflow. For example, the 3 options are radio, bible and newspaper. When I say a different response such as “Sports” Alexa gives the response associated with bible but works fine in Voiceflow.

Were you able to get a solution for your problem…?