Error Message Not able to Test

July 15- about 2:00 pm California - Los Angele Time
This error appeared…

Error Could Not Render Your Test Project


Hey Scott,

Could you try a hard refresh? (CTRL + Shift + R / CMD + Shift + R)

Sorry, I didn’t realize I had not responded to this message . Yes, the hard refreshed solved issue.

I am very new to voiceflow, and still testing and learning. I started a very simple project and got the “Could Not Render Your Test Project” error. As sugested by Annie I did CTRL+Shift+R but I am still getting the error message

try hard refresh and logout, then login again.

Thank you for the suggestion to resolve the issue. Will give it a try here after work today.

Sorry. Just reviewed the full “thread” and this issue was solved previous …with Annie’s solution…
Before posting will have a cup of coffee first…

Unfortunately it is still not working

I have the same problem. Tried hard reset, cleared cache and tried with both Chrome and Safari. Does anyone know, why this error message comes?

I tryed to hard refresh as suggested but keep getting the same message : ERROR OCCURRED Could not render your test project.

PS: why is it still called ‘‘test’’ project instead of ‘‘prototype’’ project ?

the problem lies in the creation of slot. When you put slots in the choice block, they are addded on the utterances, but not on the slot tab below. You wll see it by the tiny number on the side. How to solve this and test the skill? Simply create your slot, put it in the utterances lines, copy it and then delete it, then paste it back again. Another way is to put the mouse arrw on the utterance line, click there and press ENTER on the keyboard. You will see the slot is then added in the slot tab below as well. This way you should be able to test the skill :wink:

Thanks. Your trick did it! However it is a bug that must be fixed by yhe developers

happy it helped :wink:
You can also click on the utterance line and press enter: this way the slot will be added on the slot block as well