Error using integrations block to trigger blynk based url

when trying to use integrations block to trigger an arbitrary url ( and testing the request, I get the following error dialog:

1 item


“src property must be a valid json object”

the very same url worked last week or two weeks ago…
please help…

looks like it’s url will not returns correct response. I’m not sure about your “very same url” works before, but error says so. check again if it is correct url format.

thank you for the reply

well, url was valid and returned no response previously too.

besides, if the url was tested by voiceflows, I would have gotten away with it since it causes hardware to be activated (LEDs, currently) - and it most certainly didn’t - hence the url was not activated, with or without response

can you give me a demo url that does work, just for testing?

I can write serverside that will do the translation

try these.

Hi…Unless Google assistant is proficient enough to accurately discern your spoken percentage value into a stable integer value. In which case your receiving Blynk code would simply take that integer and adjust the blinds accordingly… probably requiring some accurate way of measuring the mechanical distance traveled.