Exporting project from free account to paid account

Hey everyone,

I’m in a predicament. I created a free VF account using my personal email address to start work on a project to see how viable it might be as an option for creating an Alexa skill for my employer.

Now, my employer has paid for an account, but it’s linked to my work email.

How can I get the project from my free account to my paid account?

I’ve been able to add my paid account as a collaborator on the project, but unfortunately the pro-tier features aren’t available when you do that (presumably, because the owner of the project is the free account).

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I don’t want to lose all my work or have to do it all again.

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Hey Michael! On the workspace dashboard, hover over the project and click the “download copy link” option which will give you a URL to download your project once you pop it into the browser.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you need more help. @michaelcollett

Thanks for the quick response, Braden!

That didn’t work unfortunately, but I think I know why – the account which I created using my work email actually doesn’t appear to be a pro account after all. (My mistake, sorry!)

I’ll have to chase it up with my employer to see which email they actually linked with the new pro account.

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Hey Michael - email me :slight_smile: I can help there in a less public forum.