Facebook vs. Forum

I see that there is reference to both this forum and facebook for asking questions. As a non-Facebook person, how much am I at a disadvantage only asking my questions here? Do they both get similar traffic and responses or is one much more popular than the other?

IMO, facebook seems more popular than here. but for facebook, you need to have an account for facebook. I don’t know how much traffice here and how much disadvantage it is.

So far you’ve been doing a great job of answering my questions so in that sense I guess there’s enough traffic here for my purposes.

BTW, I’m not VF person, just one of the VF enthusiasts. :laughing:

Anyway, I sometimes check this forum and will answer any question.

I appreciate your help. Coming from the Hubitat and Node-red where the communities are very large and active I have seen what a knowledgeable enthusiast can do.