Fail to link a Block to another, the wireframing function doesn't work suddently

I edit my project today while the wireframing function doesn’t work that I fail to link the Block to another. I re-login but fail again.

Hi Lynn, I am finding with the new V2 canvas, it is hard to complete the links if the blocks are far apart from each other.

For the short term, what I would recommend trying is moving one of the blocks close to the other (perhaps an inch or so away), making the connection, and then moving the block back to its original position.

As to why they don’t connect easily when spanning long distances, I am assuming they are doing fine-tuning of the canvas.

Another thing I did was take a speak block and use it as a router area that joined the blocks in the middle. It made it a bit neater and allowed the curves to follow a better path than directly across.