Feature Request: enable URL for images in Card Block

In Card Block using standard card type, we can insert large and small images. Currently in VF, those images must be upload and static. In some case, we want to use dynamically-generated images for it.

BTW, In Alexa app’s activity section, card is too simple and images are very small. However, using voice control in Alexa app, card looks very nice and images are diplayed large enough to use! :smile:

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actulally, this should be already implmented.

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I don’t understand why you can make Canvas Markup links by highlighting text, but I cant seem to … link… these links into the flow. Surely to do this we don’t have to change HTML to Json? If it can do that on the canvas, why not in the blocks?

What do you mean? About the image in my previous post? I just captured as screen shot, edited by image tool, and just uploaded.

I don’t have that, where is it please, this is driving me crazy!

I’m sorry to sound dumb, but I’m trying to figure out how to stream videos. I just can’t make any sense of it. You go to a Developers Console, where there’s template with a picture of a block of cheese. You click download the json template and the side bar starts flashing like it’s going to give you a elliptic fit, sowhat are you supposed to do with it ?

I had half -imagined, there would be something like your card into which you could drop HTML links to your vids. Why can’t the system generate it’s own json from a URL, and the system do the rest?

This topic is about Card Block, which is one of Alexa-specific feature to send a information card which contains some texts and images to user’s Alexa app on mobile, not about Canvas Markup or not about streaming Videos.