Feature Request: multilingual publish page

we can create a multilingual skill using variables, such as locale and each messages, and If block. However, in publish page, we can fill in the form with only 1 language. we want to set skill information fir each language☺️

You can use a single VF Project for publication up to the 5 English regions. However you need to create a separate VF project for each of the other language/regions. The reason is because the invocation name for the skill needs to be in the language that matches the language/region. For example, if the skill is being published in Spanish/Spain, the invocation name needs to be in Spanish.

thanks for your reply!

I use Japanese, so actually I can’t publish a multilingual one like 5 English.

there are two things to be changes, invocation name and skill info. Both are in publish page, I think. right?

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Hi. Yes, both the invocation name and skill description are in the publish page. A good rule of thumb is that anything a customer can read, hear or say, should be in Japanese. I think internal details like variable names, etc. can be other languages.

I haven’t published a Japanese skill. You might post an inquiry in the Facebook Voiceflow group and aski other developers who made skills in Japanese if they have any tips or things to be aware of that might be unique for Japan skill certification.

thanks again!

Actually I already published a skill using VF and have tried to create a multilingual one.


My skill works multilingual, but cannot publish as one skill. I already asked in FB and I know this is limitation in current.

That’s whyI posted here as a feature request for future.:blush: