Feature Request: Pass variables to Stream block and Audio option of Speech Block

I want to use the API block to grab a URL to an audio file that I’d then like to play as a response. If I use the “Add Audio” option of the Speech block or the Stream block, I only have the option to upload a file or add a URL. It would be ideal here if I could add the variable I’ve mapped with the URL from the API call.

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For short audio (i.e. less than 240 seconds) you can try to use the Speak Block’s “Add Speech” step. First, have the API load the URL into a variable. For example, map the URL https://s3.amazonaws.com/audio_01.mp3 into variable {audioOne}. Then, in the Speak block, use the variable inside the audio SSML tag.

I haven’t tried this myself, but theoretically this should work.

And for the Stream block, just add the variable in the url field

You can get more info on this tutorial: Using a RSS feed to make a Podcast Skill

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