Flow settings menu not displaying correctly

See screenshot…
Within FLOWS menu on left, attempting to delete an unused flow (Word Game).
Discovered I could not display menu when clicking on the gear wheel icon.
Testing other flows & icons I see that the menu is not displaying correctly.
In the screen shot I click the gear for flow “awry episode 1” and get a partial display.
Directly above (episode 2) displays more of the menu, but not all of it.
Directly below (word game) the block ‘highlights’ indicating I clicked the gear, but the menu cannot display at all.
Seems to be some type of spacing/display issue?

Are you referring to the gear wheel that shows the Project Settings ? And the issue is only when you have selected a flow ? If so, I have tried this and it works fine for me - the Project Settings menu is displayed in full and clearly.
There are occasional issues in various parts of VF - it sometimes works to log out and in again. If you still have the issue can you add a screenshot - your screenshot above looks fine

Rob, thank for your comment. I think the issue was my browser, as you suspected. A day later it worked fine. I was also able to change the view of the flows from FINDER to LIST as was able to get the flow’s gear wheel to display all options - and able to delete what I was trying to accomplish. In my screenshot the display menu for the selected flow was only showing EDIT; below it are other option that were not displaying at that time. AM enjoying the productivity of VF and communities.

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