Get Current Day

How would I go about retrieving the current date that my user is using my skill? I’m creating an “On this date in history” type of skill and I can’t figure out a good solution to retrieve the current date. Is there a good way to do this? Thanks!

a little old, but might be help.

I followed that tutorial, but when I go to test my skill, it says “Failed to execute code “Reference Error: _system is not defined”” Is there anything in particular that could be causing this? I copied and pasted the code exactly as the tutorial said to do so.

Never mind, I actually found a good way to do this. Instead of using the Alexa API like the tutorial mentioned above, I used the current date function in Google Sheets to identify the current date. Thanks for the help anyways!

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Nice try!

seemed you tested on Voiceflow’s Prototype. That tutorial uses some Alexa’s features and those work only in Alexa Developer Console or real Echo devices.

BTW, I recommend you use always test on Alexa Developer Console. Voiceflow’s Prototype testing is handy and simple, but sometimes does not work or works differently from Alexa or real Echo devices.

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I am getting stuck on the integration block. When I check deviceID is coming back with value “0”. Can this be correct and cause of the error?