Getting Alexa to recognize skill invocation

Hello all!

I scanned the forum for this answer but could not find it so I hope this is not an annoying repeat of an everyday question I somehow missed…

I’m just getting started and wanted to test with just doing the exact same thing as the first video “What is your favorite color” but I am running into a hurdle already.

I have the developer account set up and the console test works fine but no matter what I name the skill and invocation I cannot seem to get Alexa to find it.

I tried, “Alexa, enable {skill name}” but that still does not find it either.

Any suggestions greatly are appreciated.

try "Alexa, open {skill name}.

not sure but I just checked now and seems “enable” works for published skills only.
(Also, if you’ve already tested on ADC, your “development” skill should have already been enabled only for your account.)

Of course, I have tried “Alexa, open skill”


What do you think I’m trying?

then check these

  • check if your echo device’s account is same as your alexa developer account.
  • check your echo device’s locale setting is same as voiceflow’s locale setting
  • on testing on alexa developer console, try to test using mic, not typing.sometimes alexa may recognized diffetently by voice. when you test by voice, you can see how she recognized by text.

invocation problems are very annoying…