Getting Intents/Subflows/Commands to work

I’m new to Voiceflow and programming for voice. I love the tool, but am running into some issues surrounding getting intents/subflows/commands to work. The ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ intent in my audio player is working just fine, but am running into issues trying to use commands where I interrupt the regular flow.

I was just wondering what is required to use the built in commands, like help, for instance. I have actions defined for the help command, and it is linked to the help intent and help subflow, but if I ask Alexa for help during the execution of my skill, it jumps out of the skill to give me information about Alexa help, so the command in the skill is not executed.

Also, I have actions in the Stop subflow, which is supposed to be triggered by the stop intent. It should thank the user for using the skill and then exit. It just exits without saying anything. I created another intent with various utterances to trigger it, and linked it to a new command. When i say any of those trigger words to try to get that intent to work, it either tells me it doesn’t know, or in at least one case tries to take me out of my skill to use another existing skill. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but at this point I’ve had a complete strikeout with trying to get these intents/subflows to work for me. My main flow seems to work pretty much as I designed it, but so far no luck with the commands/intents/subflows piece. Any thoughts from anyone? Thanks.

A couple of questions ,

  1. Do you maen the Stop Command in the sentence above ?
  2. Are you getting these results when you test in VF or once uploaded to the Alexa console, or both ?