Global components

Based entirely on the Youtube video explaining components and topics, I was wondering if components can be global or if they are project-specific? We are going to end up with very similar skills for each of our radio stations and I would like to keep a single code-based if possible. Between cloning for each radio station ( we want discrete invocations and skills in the catalog ) and then cloning again to get google versions we’re going to end up with a lot of similar projects. Global components might be useful.

We are working on creating Global Components and will be featured very soon after the general release of components, currently it’s project-specific. Glad you were able to have foresight on what we’re thinking next on this :eyes:

Hey Tashim – thanks for the note. I am anxious to make use of this. Save a lot of time looking through old skills for that “routine” that will work in the latest skill development.