Google Action Review got rejected


I created an audio stream using the Voiceflow and submitted the Google Action review.
The google action review was not approved - with the reason being that the stream is not playing in the Google Action Simulator. Please can you help.

I tested the action in the test prototype of the Voiceflow and it worked very well. After publishing to the Google Action - I tested with the Google Home and it worked. The problem is - it doesn’t work in the Google Action test simulator.

Please can you let me know what needs to be done so that the stream works in the Google Action Test simulator as well. So that I can re-submit it again for the review.

Many thanks for your response.

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Hey @gujalls , if it works on the Google Home it should be working. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be working on the Action Test simulator. Can you post the screen that says it’s not working there?

It doesn’t give any error in the simulator. The audio stream just doesn’t start. I have a welcome message. After playing the welcome - you get user left the conversation as that’s what the transition is provided.

When I try it in the Google assistant and in Google home. It just works fine.

Simple way to reproduce is to create a simple project with a speak and a stream box. Deploy it to the Google Action and test it in the simulator.

Many thanks

Ah, hmm okay. @Nicolas what do you think?