Google Actions- 2 streams back to back

I am building a Google Action to play a stream audio source (Icecast). Before the stream starts, there is an intro file (mp3) which plays. This works fine if I host the mp3 file in Voiceflow and then go to the stream after that. Invocation → mp3 ->stream.

However I need to make the welcome file a hosted file that streams from a URL, as it is dynamic. therefore I need my flow to be Invocation → stream → stream.

However, when I do this the action is always rejected, " Your Action violates our User Experience policy. Specifically, your Action listens for a user command by leaving the mic open without a prompt such as a greeting or an implicit or explicit question. After the Action responds to “continue/play music/play songs/great okay”, the mic remains open without a prompt back to the user.”

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong and what needs to be added to my diagflow to accomplish what I need? I can find very few tutorials on Actions and I have even offered to pay someone to help to no avail.

Thanks in advance!