Google Actions Multi Modal

Hey all, I’ve been building Google Actions for voice only for some time now and I figured I’d branch off and try some multi modal.

I have a slight coding background but I’m mostly a designer. Does anyone here have any tips? I’ve been reading the Google documents but boy oh boy, a lot of code stuff in there.

Are there any links to easier ways to implement audio controls and graphics that any of you know of?

Basically, in Voiceflow, multimodal features for Google Actions is so limited comparing to Alexa. (Also, the most of Voiceflow users incuding me, uses Alexa mainly, I think…)

But I just took a look and you can try:

  • Card Block to show some simple visuals on screen such as Nest Hub.
  • Stream Block to play some long audio like a built-in mp3 player.
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Thanks Kun. Is there a reason why most people develop for Alexa? I’m guessing it’s because it was the first one. I prefer Google products as everything in my house is already Googled out anyway. So I decided to go that route.

Basically, I’m creating a sort of Meditation Action and I would like there to be some graphics for Google Assistant on phones and Hubs. From what I’ve read, the graphics are made with HTML and CSS and it confuses me on how to implement. I’m sure there are more simpler options.