Google assistant left the conversation

Need Help!

I have built a skill for google assistant to let users practice spoken English to improve their fluency. But google assistant left the conversation frequently . Beside sometime after user utterance (no match) it fetch result/answer from outside my skill eg. google, wiki. I want users interaction would only with my skill. How to resolve it?

Thanks in advance.

seems related with this.

summary is:

  • for google, if user utterance does not match any intents and somerimes it can be resolved by google actions’ standard features, it will left the conversation and standard feature will response to it.
  • not sure but this seems google has changed their conversation design. (the following posts is about dialogflow although but seems happens on actions builder)
    -dialogflow es - Fallback intent with sys any - Stack Overflow
  • when i tried before, it happened even if i created an action without voiceflow.

I have not tried Google projects recently so i’m not sure if workaround in my previous posts might works or not.