Google repeats what voiceflow doesn't

Hello voiceflow. I am having an issue with my project. Basically, it functions correctly withing the voiceflow prototype tester, but when I test it on the google console, specific speech blocks are looping and being repeated.

Here is what I mean:

begin prototype; system propmt.
User: “add 50 apples”
System: “ok, would you like to add a description or add another item?”
User: “add a description.”

Here the system should say the following.

System: “alright, anything you say now will be recorded as a description.”

however, for some reason it loops back to the previous block and says
System: alright, anything you say now will be recorded as a description. ok, would you like to add a description or an item.

The worst part is that I have deleted everything and started anew, and still have the same issue. I have also deleted the project on the google console and still nothing. I could really use the help.

could you show us your flow? Also, “add a description.” expects to capture what user said freely?

Sorry for the late reply. Basically yes, “add a description” in intended to caputre what the user says freely. However, the issue seemed to be a bug on googles end. After a few days, the issue seemed to disappear. However, one issue still lingers. Google doesn’t like allowing the user to capture information freely, because things being uttered may conflict with the actual google assistant. For example, if the user wanted to register “truck rental” as a description, then the google assistant would interject and show me results for truck rentals near me. So I am trying to figure out a way around that.

yep, capturing users’ utterrance “freely” is difficult topic (don’t say impossible). as you said, it can be conflict with other intents and also it has been controversial about security, privacy vs natural human-like conversations. Both Amazon and Google seem not active , currently.

I think this is the change Google made recently. if users’ utterance doesn’t match any intents or slots in our custom actions AND it match intents in Google’s standard feature, Google seems try to stop our actions and pass it to their own features (like search truck rentals near you as you said). This prevents fallbacks in our skill and interaction might be confusing. I am still looking for a work around.

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