Google - sample pronunciation error

I’m trying to post a release to Google but keep getting an error telling me my sample pronunciations are structured incorrectly. I’ve resent my project several times, even started a project from scratch thinking it was because I was updating an old project. No Joy!

Anyone seen this and fixed it or have ideas how? I’m at a loss.

The project is a really simple call and response so I have no idea what’s going on.


this might be help for you?

Thank you!! Exactly what I needed!

Thanks Kuniaki for your ever present generous assistance. When we upload a project from VF the default invocation phrases are Open, Start, and Launch whereas Google requires a Talk To invocation phrase for their test version to be recognized. The error message using the word “en: Your sample pronunciations are structured incorrectly.” sure isn’t very helpful descriptive to the actual problem “Talk To” being a required invocation phrase. Be kind if Google could change the error message to “Your sample invocation phrase must include “Talk To” as prefix to at least one sample invocation phrase.”