Google Sheets, Algolia & Custom Code blocks dont work once uploaded to device

Entire project works fine in Voiceflow but as soon as I upload to a device (echo dot). Multiple things stop working:

  1. Google Sheets - Returns an undefined value on device when working perfectly fine
  2. Algolia API - Returns 0 as a value on device rather than a string. Working fine on Voiceflow and I have the response working in a different flow with exactly the same parameters?!?
    3 Custom code blocks - have found two problems here:

Problem 1: I set up a capture to get the speech then tried to find a single word using something like:

response = response.toLowerCase();
if (response.includes("pet") == true) {
  response = "pet";

It looks like it fails to either set this value or to return it from the next block (could be same issue as Google Sheets?)

Problem 2: Creating a string in a custom code block gives the following error.

Error: Fatal error occurred when processing SSML content. This usually happens when the SSML is not well formed. Error: Unexpected character ' '

I know this is a new product but its really dissapointing to spend so much time on a project to not be able to demo it on a device.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi there, Voiceflow test tool and Alexa do not share the same NLU/NLP as we are multi channels.
If your project works fine on Voiceflow but not on the targeted platform it’s most likely that you have an issue with your interaction model. This can be because of a conflict in your intents/slots or the way Alexa return a value (it can differ from what the Voiceflow test tool will return).
It looks like it’s what’s happening for your problem 1 so you want to use speak step to debug the value you get from Alexa.

About problem 2, the error message is pretty clear, what you’re setting in your Code step is not correctly formatted and generate an SSML error on Alexa. You want to double check that.