Google Sheets Integration 500 Error

When I click add user in the Integration block and login into my g suite account, I receive this error: Request failed with status code 500.

Any answers?


First, try a hard refresh - Command+Shift+R on a Mac or Ctrl+Shift+R on PC.

If that doesn’t work, please go to
In the Third-party apps with account access look for Voiceflow Creator Tool , click on it and hit REMOVE ACCESS. Then try to authorize again for Google Sheets with the Integration block.

Sorry, but i try the all things you write for a possible solution, but for me anythings doesn’t work, my error say “Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined”, can you help me please?
Bye, Fabio

Hi Fabio, can you try with another web browser or in Incognito mode?

Hi Nicolas,
Great timing, I just had the same error (length) and wanted to write it down here.
I changed browsers and I could login with google now and even received the permissions window (didn’t got that in the first one, just that lenght error message).
However now I get this error, but I can access my Sheets.


Any idea what it is?

Hi! Can you ping me on intercom?

Can you give me a Link to it?
(Sorry I haven’t been active here for a while now)

But everything is working for me now. So no need for help anymore

Can you try that? I think you didn’t selected an account in the integration block

Thanks that worked out.
So changing the browser made all the difference.
No idea what that error message earlier really ment