Google Sheets Integration Alexa Undefined

Works well on Voiceflow Test, says Undefined on Alexa

“body”: {
“version”: “1.0”,
“response”: {
“outputSpeech”: {
“type”: “SSML”,
“ssml”: “”
“card”: {
“type”: “Simple”,
“title”: “undefined”,
“content”: “undefined”
“reprompt”: {
“outputSpeech”: {
“type”: “SSML”,
“ssml”: “”
“shouldEndSession”: true,
“sessionAttributes”: {},
“userAgent”: “ask-node/2.7.0 Node/v12.18.2”

seems trying to retrieve data from google sheets by a keyword catpured in capture block, and there’s no keys in Google sheets and returns nothing.

Two things to check.

  • make sure if a keyword in capture block is captured correctly. This is the main reason I think. In Voiceflow’s test, capture block just capture what user said as slot, even if its slot type is not matched with what user said. In ADC, Alexa will capture what user said with checking if it is valid for slot type. If it is not valid, return nothing. (actually returns fallback intent, but capture block cannot receive it and a variable will be just null, I think).

  • If retriving data from Google sheets with a key as a condition and there’s no data matched, it will not go to failure path. Failure path is for connecting errors to google sheets, not for no data. so you should check variables mapped from result using if block after google sheets block.

Mapping a Word to Sheet Value

Tiger, Sheet has a Value called Tiger

custom slot type requires slot values as samples.

Can you please give an Example?
Novice here :slight_smile:

I changed it to Animal and it works but I get this

Unsupported Directive

AudioPlayer is currently an unsupported namespace. Check the device log for more information.

are you using Stream block to play audio? Stream block use Alexa’s feature called AudioPlayer, which is built-in Audio Player in Echo devices and test simulator in Alexa Developer Console does not support AudioPlayer. AudioPlayer skill can be tested on real Echo devices only.

Yes, it worked on the Player. Thank you.
Last Question, Can we get dynamic images from the sheet to show on the device?

Get the Image URL and display?

yes, get the url, put it into a varialble, and display it with card block or display block.

The U.R.L. for the requested image resource is not valid.

“card”: {
“type”: “Standard”,
“title”: “Tiger”,
“text”: “Has Stripes”,
“image”: {
“smallImageUrl”: “{picture}”,
“largeImageUrl”: “