Google sheets integration

I’m currently working on an action for google assistant.
It’s really simple and it seems to work in voiceflow.Schermata 2020-03-03 alle 15.57.41
The problem is that it does not seem to work in the actual google console.
Schermata 2020-03-03 alle 15.58.32
The actions gets 2 variables from the user :
then it searches in a google sheet for those 2 variable and returns the value associated with them

I’m not sure, but in my end, I tested a test skill which used old Interaction block’s slot-value-mapping, it doesn’t work and same thing happened. Then, I deleted its mapping and use slot directly in speak block, it works now.

Also, it might be help “Training” page in DialogFlow. Training page logs list of user’s utterances and how Google recognize its intent and slots.