Google Sheets - Multiple Rows

Column match has multiple rows, but the Integration is showing only the first row.


|Country | Facts |

|Jamaica | Jamaica is part of North America and Carribean |
|Jamaica | Jamaica has 120 rivers |

It only shows the first record.

  1. Is this the current limitation in the Google Sheets API Block
  2. Is there a work around (I don’t want to make Vertical data)
  3. If I use Airtable, will the situation get resolved


Integration Block with bult-in Google Sheets always return one single record. If you wanna get multiple records, you need to custom API integration.

Using custom API, you can do it with both Google Sheets and Airtable. Airtable should be much more flexible such as searching with multiple keys.

Anyway, you need write some codes for both.

Hi @KnightFix
I had the same problem with a timetable of my web radio.
I solved it with Airtable.

You can query the base with filterByFormula using a column of the base (city) and a VF variable.

The only problem with the Airtable API is the small limit (max 5 calls per second, in both free and paid plans).
If the limit is good for you, Airtable is the solution.
There are other free solutions for Google Sheets.
If you are interested please reply to this message.

Good night

Thank you.

I did work on Airtable last few days and was able to make Voiceflow call Airtable multiple rows.

I am having a challenge in updating. I may need help on this.

HI fortarrigo,

I am able to link Voiceflow to Airtable and get multiple rows using the “filterBy…” method of Airtabl.

So this issue for me is resolved.