Google Sheets - Retrieve maximum value in a column

I read this great tutorial. I managed to save user id, name and points in a google sheet. How could I get the row containing the player with more points? Does exist a way to create a ranking by reading data from google sheets?

Thank you.

how about using other sheet with google sheets “max” functionto get maximum numbers in the first sheet. then retrieve it from integration block. I think this is a neat way.

if you want to do this by Voiceflow only, you may need to use custom api integration to retrieve whole data in the sheet, and write some codes to sort by code block.

Thank you kun432! I will try it

“MAX” function worked fine. If I save the built-in {user_id} in the google sheet, do I need to get user permission with the permission block? I don’t ask for name or other personal information.