Grocery Shopping Voice Assistant, Google Sheet Issue


I created a google sheet with a grocery list so I can retrieve the information and implement it in the experience. For example, I have separate sheets based on which section of the grocery store the items are in. I am trying to retrieve all the items in the column and map them to a produce_items variable. How do you retrieve all the items in a column? Any extra information on integrating Google Sheets would be super helpful.

Thank you!

I think there are 2ways:

  • One is using Custom API Block. Google sheets has API to retrieve all data on sheets as JSON format. In that case, you need to parse JSON and retrieve data what you want using Custom Code Block and JavaScript.
  • the other one, use Google Sheets’ functions. This is my sample using TEXTJOIN.

s 88
s 89

For your reference,

There might be more better ways.