Have To Rebuild Entire Project?

I have asked on Intercom several times without any response at all, I am not on social media so cannot ask there. I tried to use one of my projects the other day and could not get it to work. When I checked the build, I found that the Choice block had been ‘depreciated’. Do I have to go back and rebuild ALL of my older projects now?Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 6.16.19 AM

Hi @Kim,

you can keep the deprecated Choice blocks if you’re not going to update them but as soon as you want to change/edit one of them then yes, you want to change it to a new one.

Alexa conversation management changes multiple times during a year, they try to keep older skill compatible (that’s why Live skills keep running even if you’re not updating them) but as soon as you want to update them, you also want to be sure to use the last available features/version to avoid any issue or certification fails.

Thanks for the response Nicolas. Except that when I tried that Skill, it appears to be broken. I haven’t had a chance to try the others yet to see if they’ve broken as well, but I am hoping to today.

Hi @Kim
Why don’t you post the bit where you had used the deprecated Choice blocks here and someone might be able to suggest how it can be replaced?

Hello @duncanm
It’s the entire Skill. The blocks were apparently depreciated because of changes (upgrades?) to that particular block by VF. I still haven’t had a chance to test my other Skills to see if they are working. I just know that when I tested that particular one, it fails. It is very long, very complex, I am probably just going to remove it.