Help by a Alexa Skill


I’m trying to create an alexa skill.

this should work like this

when I say “alexa, open” media center “and show me XXX”

alexa should then only answer with an okay.

the name of my skills is “media center.”

but alexa doesn’t accept my command, she doesn’t take it as a command.

sometimes when I do the skill test and she says ok, but sometimes she doesn’t do anything, and when I do the skill with my real alexa she doesn’t do anything and doesn’t accept the command.

here is a picture of my skills

It works when you say like this:

“Alexa, Open media center”
“show me XXX”

If you wanna invoke like “Alexa, Open media center and show me XXX”, which is called “One shot invocation” btw, you need to add Intent block.