Help connecting Blynk IoT with voiceflow trought API

Hi friends!
I am trying to get the value from a sensor that is connected to an esp32, the value shows on Blynk but when I try to connect Blynk with voiceflow it doesn´t work
I have been using this url and this configuration:*********&v0

I try to send a request with this configuration but it stays loading for a while and then I get this:
“error”: “Nerwork Error”

or sometimes I also get the timeout error

I know that it is not my internet connection because I’ve been able to update a value. I’ve been searching on some forums but I haven’t been able to find a concret answer.

I’ll be grateful for your help.

I found the solution.
You have to add the region on the url like this:*******&v0

the ny3 is the region of my server . You can find your region on the Lower right corner of the screen on the web console ( ). More information look at this
SOLVED | API Call not returning any value - Help - Voiceflow Forums
Hope this helps

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