Help getting ISP to work (and then testing) for a simple skill!

Hi - I am fairly new to this so sorry if it’s a very simple question.

I’m trying to build a skill which gives quotes from popular characters.

I want certain characters to be included with a free version of the skill, and for certain characters to only be available if the user purchases the full/premium version of the skill as a one-time-ISP.

So - Alexa asks: which character do you want a quote from?
User replies with name of ‘free’ character - (gets a quote from Alexa)
User replies with name of ‘premium’ character - (gets an up-sell message and told they must pay for premium version to unlock quotes from this character)

I have created the ‘Product’ for the premium version. I’ve tried watching the tutorial from Nico on Youtube about ISPs - and am trying to make it work with User Info block etc. - but am struggling. I thought I had done it - but then when I went to test on the Alexa console, when I asked for a premium character it didn’t prompt me to buy etc. just defaulted back.

Could anyone advise the best approach for this?

Much appreciated!

What does “defaulted back” means?

Anyway, User Info Block in ISP works 2 ways:

  • User Info Type “ISP” checks if a user has already enabled voice shopping and 1-click ordering, which are required for user purchasing your product.
  • User Info Type “Product” with your ISP product checks if a user has already purchased your product.

upselling in your case, flow will be like these:

  • get a character that user said with choice or capture block.
  • check if that character requires premium or not
  • if premium requires, check if a user has enabled ISP and has purchased your product.
  • if not purchased, go to payment block. If purchased, go to speak-quotes-flow.
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What does “character” mean here exactly? Thanks!

Thanks for your breakdown on these items (Updated Version: 3/2/2021):

To clarify the full picture, I tested the minimum conditions required for user to buy something in US locale, and found that

To buy via the web browser, you need #1, #2 below
To buy using your voice via in the skill you need #1, #2, #3 below:

1/ a paired deviced
2/ an active payment method in your Amazon account;
3/ turned on “Voice Purchasing” toggle in the Alexa App > More > Settings > Acount Settings > Voice Purchasing