Help needed with my project

My skill is working perfectly fine in voiceflow prototype section without any issue but after deploying it to Alexa:

I am getting:
“something went wrong with this skill, please check again later”
everytime when I am trying to invoke the skill.
I am not even able to get debugging logs and what is going wrong.

Please help!!

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it happens on Alexa Test Simulator? or on real Echo devices?

In both places.
Is there any way I can debug and find error logs?

That error message happens before skill starts and usually there’s a prroblem with your language and locale settings. If you test on your device, language(your language) and locale(your country) should be same with your ADC/Amazon account and Echo device.

But even in that case, test should work on ADC…

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I am having the same problem today. Skill was working fine, then just stopped opening. It will not work on ADC or app. Works fine in VF. I have checked and my locale for skill is en-US and my locale for ADC is also en-US. I have no idea how to fix this.

I’m not sure if there are any error messages, but check here in ADC.

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