Help Updating Alexa ISP with Directives

Hi everyone!

I am updating an old Alexa project to take advantage of recent fantastic Voiceflow updates. I’ve worked through all of the tutorials and many of the forum questions, but I can’t find an example for executing In-skill Purchases with Directives.

Has one been able to accomplish this for multiple products in multiple locales?
Have I missed something? Please help.


Hi @Paul!

We are working on documenting this on the developers portal as well as sharing a template so you can start using it with Directive and Event steps.

Thanks for your response, @Nicolas!

It will be really helpful. ISP is a significant part of the project I’m working on, so I may need to leave my project in the legacy version for now.

In the meantime, is there any other similar documentation that I might be able to try to tweak to make things work?

For instance, is ISP similar to the steps to get permission to access a user’s name or email?

Do I need to call the API and then return a directive response for my product?