Help with Loop for podcast app

Good day!

I am attempting to create a skill for my podcast and I tried following the instructions from this post. The interface is very different from when this post was originally created, so I did my best to follow it. For the most part, it seems to be working.

However, there appears to be a problem with the loop. Ultimately, I don’t want the next or previous episode played unless the user requests it, or there can be a prompt. Right now, it looks like the script is automatically going to the previous episode. It’s not actually PLAYING it and then it tries to go to the NEXT episode again - also without actually playing it. It just keeps looping without any prompts.

I’m hoping someone can help me correct this problem. Here is my share link if it helps: Voiceflow Creator

I’m not sure exactly how the share testing works as this is my first project.

I’m thinking I will create two separate voice prompts for the Next and Previous options with Yes or No responses and go from there, but maybe someone else has a better idea. Thanks for your help guys and gals!


I guess I should upload images of what I have already…

(I can only add 1 image per post, so I’ll add more below…)

If I need to provide additional images or info, please let me know. Thanks!!